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Diflucan - fluconazole

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Generic Diflucan “Fluconazole” – Plus and Minus Between Original Diflucan

Fluconazole solutionGeneric Diflucan - fluconzaole is the drug used for the treatment of candidiasis, a common infection caused by a fungus. The generic of this drug is fluconazole. In the US, the common brand name for this drug is Diflucan, produced by Pfizer.

Candidiasis or sometimes called as thrush, is a yeast infection. The organism that is responsible for candidiasis, or otherwise known as the causative agent, is named Candida albicans. This microorganism is naturally present in the human body’s mouth, pharynx, gastrointestinal tract, bladder, and vagina. However, if there is any suppression in a person’s immune system, these microorganisms proliferate and thereby cause infection.

The common infections associated with this yeast are oral thrush and vaginal candidiasis. Milky white patches on the oral mucosa characterize oral thrush. On the other hand, symptoms of vaginal candidiasis include severe vaginal itching and foul vaginal discharges that have a cottage-cheese like appearance.

The first line medical treatment for candidiasis is with the use of a potent antifungal drug – generic Diflucan fluconazole. There are many generic drugs used for the pharmacologic treatment of yeast infections but the popular one is fluconazole. As mentioned, in the US, the most popular brand for this generic name is Diflucan.

Generic drugs save your moneyIt has always been an issue whether buying generic drugs would be a much better choice or not. Some people claim that generic drugs and branded ones would just elicit the same therapeutic effects and therefore, buying the generic one would be much better. On the other hand, some people also claim that brand names offer more satisfaction and effectiveness, with reduced side effects. If one considers buying an antifungal drug, specifically generic Diflucan fluconazole but is unsure whether the generic one is way better than those antifungals with brand names, here are two comparisons with regards to the advantages and disadvantages of using the generic and the branded one.


            In terms of pricing, it is quite obvious that the generic antifungal in the name of fluconazole is ahead of the branded one. Generic drugs usually are sold in a much lesser price as compared to those that have brand names because certain companies which are already popular to be delivering quality drugs would always most likely price a little higher with the claim that though expensive, their drugs really do work.


Brand vs Generic?            In terms of achieving the desired therapeutic effect of antifungal drugs, many claim that drugs with brand names are most likely more effective that the generic ones. Although this claim is based on certain testimonies that consumers have said, and not really based on a scientific finding, more people always do think that brand names would offer more satisfaction especially if the manufacturer is an established name in the world of pharmacy.

            In conclusion, when one is considering his or her budget, then the generic drug is the drug to choose. However, if one is looking for the seal of quality and safety, it is more likely that a drug with a brand name is the wise choice. If you are the type of person who goes for quality than quantity, then the right drug to use is the branded one. Just a reminder: generic Diflucan fluconazole is sold with a prescription, always secure one from a medical provider before purchasing this drug.